Monday, April 11, 2011

A post will follow!

So last week I made the journey to the internet cafe and typed out an extensive blog post. Minutes before I was able to actually post it, the power went out like it so often does here (eight times last night). I lost the entire post and didn't have enough time left at the internet to retype it...

When I get home, I am going to try to do an extensive blog posting of my entire trip going into more details. I will be returning in next monday, one week from today, which seems to be approaching far too fast. I have met so many amazing people here, both locals and volunteers, creating an amazing atmosphere and wonderful experience. Thank you Vlad, Lauren, Gus, Chelsea, and Sophie for being such great house mates during my stay as well as Pastor Barbara, Dr. Doug, and Wesley the Great.

As volunteers, we have some free time to enjoy each others company. In this time, we usually read books, chat about current events, name all the African countries, memorize each of their capitals, read the dictionary and find the best words that no one has ever heard of, and try to obtain more fun facts from Vlads phone. Of course, we have spent our time in many other ways but those are just a few of our favorite ways of passing time at the end of the day. It is amazing how satisfying such a simple life can be. To me, the way of life here is amazingly simple and I am going to miss it!

Once I get home, I will create the post of a lifetime. Well, at least a months worth!

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  1. Safe travels to you, Spencer! Sounds like you have had an amazing experience.