Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Good Morning World!

The country of Ghana says hi!

So last week I wrote a new post and thought that I added it to my blog but it appears that it didnt upload...

It has been quite an wonderful time here. At least for me. Right now many of the children at the orphanage have an eye infection of some sort and it is spreading quite fast to the children who dont have it currently. Also, two of the current volunteers have Malaria and have sought out treatment from the local clinic. Chelsea is doing much better and Gus just went to the clinic this morning. He should be up and running shortly! My goal is to make it through my entire stay without getting sick. Three weeks to go!

Last sunday I even went to church. To get there, we hiked for 45 minutes through the country side. It was such a beautiful walk, though very very very hot. It is around 90 degrees every day and you can work up quite a sweat without doing much at all. Yummy!! Dont worry though, I do my best to take a bucket bath at least every other day. I cant say I smell the best but I get by just fine! The church we went two was very small and very friendly. Most of the time they only spoke in Twi so I was unable to understand it. Lucky, one of the pastors translated some of it. I dont think I have ever enjoyed church as much as I did on sunday!

Well I am almost out of time... sorry this has been so brief.
Miss you all!!!


  1. We all are thinking good, healthy thoughts about you. Stay well. We know you are working hard, sharing that smile and your love with those kids.

  2. We are so proud of you! Emma shared your pictures! I can't wait to see more. Everyone is asking about your adventures. I loved talking to you! Enjoy and write in your blog....we will get it! I keep checking it!