Thursday, March 17, 2011

Greeting from Ghana!

Happy St. Patricks day! Drink responsibly!

So I just want to say... Ghana is amazing!!
I spent most of Tuesday sleeping but I think I am back on a normal sleep schedule. I have met all the wonderful children at the orphanage and they are beautiful, wonderful amazing kids. My first time to the orphanage, they all came running at me and gave me giant hugs. I am still working on learning all of their names, and will most likely be working on it for a while. Those of you who know me know that remembering anything is a great accomplishment! It is my goal to learn them all by the time I leave!

There is so much that I would like to include in this brief blog but I dont even know where to start. I guess I will just rattle off some fun facts...

-I do not have sunburn... yet.
-I have loved every meal I have had... so far.
-Carrying buckets of water on your head is much harder than it looks... I am practicing!
-I broke a pair of flipflops literally on my first step in them... lucky I have another pair.
-The airport in Accra is much smaller than I expected.
-A Ghanaian boy spilled an entire cup of water on my lap on the plane.
-The children at the orphanage remind me so much of the wonderful children at  Helen Devos Childrens Hospital!

Well I suppose that is what I will leave you with for now. I miss everyone back home and I hope you are looking forward to hearing about everything again and again. For my next post, I will try to get some pictures to post. No promises though! I should be visiting the site where they are roofing the new orphanage building soon! Also, I am excited to water at the farm and experience the markets which I hope to write about in a later post if I get the chance. For now, that is all!

I love and miss you all!!!
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  1. I absolutely love hearing about you and what it is like over there. Can't wait for the next post! MOM

  2. re: "... to water at the farm and experience the markets . . ."
    I look forward to the post with much excitement as we start our growing season here.
    I wonder what crops and what the irrigation methods. Wind mills, wells, pumps?

    Giving growing things a drink at the farm, in a bucket on your head, spilled in your lap by a child, it's the stuff of all life - water! and Aunt Kay reminds you to water yourself (stay well hydrated!)

    We send our love. Kay & Lee

  3. So glad things are going well so far esteban!!!! keep us updated!!!