Friday, March 11, 2011

My head is cold.


So I will go ahead and start off with some fun facts about me!

I am 22 years old and my favorite animal is a Polar Bear. I work at Olive Garden and I greatly dislike salad. My favorite ice cream is chocolate and my favorite month is May. I have two wonderful parents and two siblings that are pretty great too. I don't have my tonsils but I do have my undergraduate degree. I like to smile.

Another fun fact that I am extremely excited about is that I am going to Ghana, Africa in a few short days. I will be volunteering with an organization by the name of United Hearts Children's Center. I have yet to pack and have no idea what to expect. This journey is why I decided to create this blog and was originally planning to blog while I was there. After some thinking, I will attempt to blog while I am gone but I don't believe internet will be as assessable as here. I'll do my best. If all else fails, I will tell of my journeys when I return!

               Also, thank you!
When I decided to do this trip, the greatest factor was the financial aspects of traveling. The dollar signs add up quickly and without everyone's endless love, support and generosity, I really don't think this trip would be possible for me. So many of you parted with your hard earned dollar simply out of the kindness of your heart to assist in funding this adventure for me. For others, it was just to see me with much less hair. Either way, I am so so so so very thankful and I can't wait to tell tales of the adventure you helped create and make possible.
This is the most amazing cake I have ever received.

I look forward to keeping everyone updated! I am already excited to show you pictures of the people I will soon meet and the places I will soon go.

Thank you to EVERYONE for helping make this all possible!!!



  1. Spread the spencer smile all around the world! Hope you have an incredible time!

  2. SPENCER I WILL MISS YOU WAHH!!!! but you are going to have SO much fun. so proud of you! ah!

  3. Spencer!!!! Have a lot of fun! Too bad I can't visit you and you can't visit me :(
    Next time we plan a trip to Africa, let's pick countries that are close to each other (remember there is a difference between a country and a continent...oh just giving you crap)
    Stay safe, take lots of pictures, and we will have qahwa wa Haliib (Arabic for coffee and milk) when I come back to the states

  4. So proud of you Spence!!!!! I know you will do amazing things for the children in Ghana! We are praying for a safe and amazing experience for you!
    Ash & El